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Farbrengen, The: (Yiddish) (a) an assemblage addressed by a Rebbe; (b) an informal g athering of Chassidim characterized by singing and inspiring talk.

You may have heard of our “Farbrengen Club” and we want you to join! A Farbrengen at the Shul is an informal gathering of Chassidim and members of the Shul. We talk, sing and inspire each other.

You may want to have a Farbrengen in honor of a birthday, anniversary, personal success or just the need for inspiration. In addition, there are reasons the Shul would plan a Farbrengen, i.e. the end of Sukkos, the end of Pesach, and other such special dates. Food is always provided, as is drink. Members will receive front row seats, giving them a great view of the action.

If you would like to join this exclusive and highly sought after club, dubbed "The Farbrengen Club" - please click  here. Membership is encouraged, but as with all Shul events, everyone is welcome. Try it. Join a Farbrengen and see how it will profoundly affect your life.

   About a Farbrengen:

A Farbrengen is a gathering which inspires, uplifts, and empowers.

A Farbrengen is an oasis where heartfelt melodious Chassidic tunes are sung and passionate issues about Judaism and meaningful living are discussed.

A Farbrengen is a group of people who come together to plug-in.

To feel a sense of purpose, true camaraderie and love for a fellow.

It’s Lively. It’s Passionate. It’s Soulful.



For more information on upcoming Farbrengens, please contact Rabbi Cheski.