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Scholar In-Residence:  Shabbaton with Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe

Friday, Feb. 16th & Shabbos, Feb. 17th, 2018

Join us at The Shul Center in Bayside for an unforgettable Shabbaton of inspiration and insight with Scholar In-Residence, Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe.

  • Friday Night, February 16th @ 5:00pm - Candlelighting, Services, Traditional Four-course Shabbat Dinner at 5:45pm and program to follow.
  • Shabbat, February 17th: Lecture after Kiddush @ approximately 1:15pm 
  • Just Added!  Sunday Morning Talmud Class @9am: 
  • Can Judaism be hijacked by Fanatics?

    Fanatic, intolerant, and violent iterations of Islam have profoundly affected us recently. These phenomena cannot significantly exist in Classical, Halachic Judaism. Explore the nature and unique effectiveness of the safeguards built into the legal systems and communal institutions of Classic Judaism.


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"What can Kabbalah do for me?" ... Friday Feb. 16th

Explore how Kabbalistic approaches can enhance our lives:

  • Kabbalah speaks of seeing the unity that underlies the seemingly chaotic and haphazard reality we occupy. 
  • Kabbalah speaks of seeing “The Small as Great, and the Great as Small” – the importance of the seemingly insignificant, and the irrelevance of the seemingly fundamental.
  • Kabbalah speaks of seeing the paradoxical in life as a solution rather than a problem

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" ... Shabbos, Feb. 17th

Language is incredibly important. Therefore, the mystics call Humanity “The Speaker”

  • Good Words such as “Prayer”, “Charity” “G‑d”, “World”, “Sin”, “Evil”, “Purity”, “Repentance” and many others have been given Bad translations for centuries, occasionally making us feel Ugly.
  • Using an interactive, Kabalistic approach we will explore the liberating truths and the true beauty of these, and other words. 

Friday Night Dinner Details

A traditional four-course Shabbat dinner will be served.

Cost Before Friday, February 9th  Sunday, Feb. 11th! $20/Adult; $5/Child 

Cost After Friday, February 9th  Sunday, Feb. 11th!  $25/Adult; $8/Child  

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 About Our Speaker ... Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe

Yaffe Option 1.jpgRabbi Shlomo Yaffe is Dean of the Institute of American and Talmudic Law in New York, NY, Rabbi of Congregation Bnai Torah in Longmeadow, MA

Rabbi Yaffe has lectured, led seminars, and taught continuing legal education programs, in person and online, throughout North America, as well as in Africa, Australia, Latin America, and Europe. 

A focus of Rabbi Yaffe’s work has been the intersection of the concerns created by contemporary legal, scientific, medical, public and foreign policy issues with the ethics and values presented in three and a half millennia of Judaic law and thought.

Rabbi Yaffe has authored a broad range of articles for, other online forums, and was lead author for the Jewish Learning Institute's "Living with Integrity" course.

Rabbi Yaffe has also served as a pulpit rabbi at Hull Hebrew Congregation, Hull, England, the Young Israel of Hartford, CT, and with Congregation Agudas Achim, one of the first Orthodox congregations in Connecticut, founded 1887.

Rabbi Yaffe is a past scholar-in-residence to Chabad at Harvard, where he served the greater Harvard and MIT communities, and has been a visiting scholar in various communities. He presently leads discussions on Judaic medical ethics for Jewish students at the Harvard Medical School on behalf of Chabad at Harvard.

Rabbi Yaffe was born in Brooklyn, NY, and raised in Portland, ME, and Los Angeles, CA.  He studied at Yeshivot (rabbinic colleges) in Miami, London, and New York and received rabbinic ordination from Yeshivat Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch, Brooklyn, NY in 1989. 

He was a fellow of the post-ordination program at the Leeds Kollel in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England from 1990- 1992.