At the Shul in Bayside, everyone is welcome!

It’s not about what you believe, where you came from, or how much you know – we’re all one happy Jewish family, with room for everyone!

Each person is a precious gift to the world, with so much to contribute. Our mission is to provide opportunities for personal and communal growth, creating connections, and building a strong Jewish community to support one another.

We invite you to join us (no membership necessary) for one of our programs or events. And yes, your friend is welcome too – there’s always room to pull up another chair! 

Youth Programming

Kids Shul Family Friday Night
Hebrew Immerision Playdates Kids Birthday Club
Baby Loves Shabbat Milwaukee Community Hebrew School

Holiday Events

High Holiday Services Rosh Hashana Dinner
Chanukah Purim
Pesach Shavuot

Women's Programming

Ladies' Book Club Annual Ladies' Garden Brunch
Jewish Women's Circle Mega Challah Bake
Women's Israel Trip Ladies' Steak and Salad Night

Men's Programming

Men's Farbrengens Club Mentsch
MoMENtum Israel Trip Men's Retreat in New York
Men's Israel Trip Steak and Scotch Nights

Community Events

Shul Blackhats Softball Shul Family Summer Picnic
Adult Socials Scholar In-Residence
Community Dinners Milwaukee Community Hebrew School

Adult Education

JLI Classes Practical Judaism with Rabbi Avremi
Torah Studies               Rosh Chodesh Society

The Shul Bayside is a division of Lubavitch of Wisconsin