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 The Holiday of Shavuot celebrates G‑d’s giving the Torah to our people 3,331 years ago.

  Observances include the reading of the Ten Commandments, all-night learning, holiday services, and delicious dairy foods.

Saturday Night, June 8th
9:23pm Candlelighting & Maariv


Yom Tov Dinner -  RSVP here. $18 / person
10:15pm All Night Learning


Topics: coming soon!

Sunday, June 9th
Come Hear the Ten Commandments
9:00am Services  
10:00am Reading of the Ten Commandments  
  Our “Big Moses” and “Little Moses-es” Present the Ten Commandments  
11:30am Dairy Kiddush, Omer Counting Cheesecake Awards, and Kids Ice Cream Bar - Kiddush available for sponsorship  
1:30pm Mincha Afternoon Services  
Second Eve of Shavuot
9:24pm Candlelighting from Existing Flame and Evening Services  
Monday, June 10th
9:00am  Services  
10:00am Children's Program  
10:50am Yizkor Memorial Services
11:20am Priestly Blessings  

Dairy Kiddush  *Available for Sponsorship

1:30pm Mincha Afternoon Services  
9:24pm Holiday Ends  
9:34pm Evening Services  

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  Please e-mail us with the number of

adults and children attending programs on Sunday and Monday

so we can get a rough head count - thanks!