• Chanukah Car Menorah ParadeJoin the Parade of Light!
    Sunday, December 10th | 4:00-5:00pm
  • The World of KabbalahNew JLI Class with Rabbi Cheski
    Six Wednesdays, Starting November 1st
  • Tanya Soul SessionsA weekly Torah class on the what's and whys of Judaism based on Kabbalah and Chassidic philosophy.
  • Rosh Chodesh Society7 Biblical Women Who Used 1 Moment to Change Evertyhing.
    And How We Can Do The Same.
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It’s not about what you believe, where you came from, or how much you know – we’re all one happy Jewish family, with room for everyone!

Each person is a precious...
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Daily Thought
The words and the stories of Torah are but its clothing; the guidance within them is its body. And as with a body, within that guidance breathes a soul that gives life to whoever follows it. And within that soul breathes a deeper, transcendental soul, the soul of the soul: G‑d Himself within His Torah. Grasp the clothes alone, and you are like the student who hears the words but not the thoughts. Grasp straight for the soul—or even the body—and you will come up with nothing. They are not graspable; they are G‑dly wisdom, and you are a created being. Instead, examine those words and those...