• Pesach at The ShulCelebrate Pesach at The Shul!
  • 3rd Annual Seder Plate SaleLet MCHS make your seder prep a little easier!

    By purchasing your seder plate items, you’ll be supporting the The Shul’s Hebrew school - MCHS!
  • Moshiach SeudaThursday, April 13th | 6:30pm

    Join The Shul for this festive celebration to end Pesach. For men, women and children.
  • Rosh Chodesh SocietyTo Believe or Not to Believe in Yourself
    A monthly series of classes for women.
  • JewpernaturalNew JLI Class with Rabbi Cheski

    Wednesdays, starting May 4th
    7:30-9:00pm @ The Shul
Chabad Updates
It’s not about what you believe, where you came from, or how much you know – we’re all one happy Jewish family, with room for everyone!

Each person is a precious...
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Daily Thought
In each one of us there is an Egypt and a Pharaoh and a Moses and Freedom in a Promised Land. And every point in time is an opportunity for another Exodus. Egypt is a place that chains you to who you are, constraining you from growth and change. And Pharaoh is that voice inside that mocks your gambit to escape, saying, “How could you attempt being today something you were not yesterday? Aren’t you good enough just as you are? Don’t you know who you are?” Moses is the liberator, the infinite force deep within, an impetuous and all-powerful drive to break out from any bondage, to always transcend, to connect with that which has no...