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  • Celebrate (ch)all-ah of Our Graduates!Celebrate your graduate with a special challah topped with sprinkles in their school colors to adorn your Shabbos table!
  • Men's MoMENtum Israel TripJoin us for a journey where you'll tap into yourself, your people and your homeland.
    Seven days in Israel - October 18th - 24th, 2021!
  • Steak and Scotch Night @ The ShulClub Mentsch Steak and Scotch Night:
    Join us for a guys night out of
    shmoozing, good food
    and meaningful discussion.
  • Kids ShulDo you wish your child felt a connection to shul?
    Do you wish they could join the singing of key prayers?
  • Weekly Torah Studies ClassEnrich your week with a dose of Jewish learning.
    Season 3 starts April 6th on Zoom!
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Our greatest blessings were uttered not by Moses, not by David, not even by G‑d Himself. They were uttered by a...
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