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  • Shul Family CalendarBe a part of the 5782 Shul Family Calendar!
  • Men's MoMENtum Israel TripJoin us for a journey where you'll tap into yourself, your people and your homeland.
    Seven days in Israel - October 18th - 24th, 2021!
  • Steak and Scotch Night @ The ShulClub Mentsch Steak and Scotch Night:
    Join us for a guys night out of
    shmoozing, good food
    and meaningful discussion.
  • Ladies' Garden BrunchJoin your fellow Shul ladies for a delicious brunch and enjoy a beautiful singing performance from our talented Shul ladies and The Shul Girls Choir!
Chabad Updates
It’s not about what you believe, where you came from, or how much you know – we’re all one happy Jewish family, with room for everyone!

Each person is a precious...
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The month before Rosh Hashanah, taught Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, is a precious month. For thirty days, you can find the Ultimate King awaiting you outside the city, on a rustic path that winds through an empty meadow. What’s the advantage of meeting the King in a meadow? Because when you meet the King in His palace of the Days of Awe from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur, much stands between you and Him—the carpet, the throne, the royal robes, the protocol, the language you must use, the awe and magnificence of the palace… But in the field, the King wears...