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  • Journey of the SoulA fresh look at
    life, death, and the
    rest - in peace
  • Tu B'Shvat Storybook WalkWalk along the storybook trail
    to read a special Tu B'shvat story,
    and collect treasures
    along the way!
  • Weekly Torah Studies ClassEnrich your week with a dose of Jewish learning.
    Season 2 starts January 5th on Zoom!
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“And the Israelites walked on the dry land within the sea, and the water was a wall for them, to their right and to their left.”—Exodus 14:29 Always be leaving the slavery of Egypt. Never say, “I am this.” If you catch yourself fitting into a definition, contradict it. If you have found your comfort zone, go beyond it. Don’t let anything define you—neither to the left, nor to the right. All one-way roads lead back to bondage. Only by walking two...
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