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An Email from a Soldier in Israel

Today I got an email that I wanted to share from a soldier in Israel:


Hi Maya my name is Ohad i serve in Golani brigade, battalion 13. 

 I recieved your letter and wanted to say thanks for your support. 

Many pepole from israel and outside israel wrote us kind letters sent pretty pictures and sent all kinds of supplies

All that really ment the world for us.. 

Its nice to see that we are not standing alone and that the whole jewish community are behind us 

I just went through hell and lost some good friends and your letter managed to put a smile on my face so thanks for that..  

Hope your brother will stay… Read More »

Thursday Afternoon Update

Thursday afternoon, August 7

From Ashkelon we continued further down south (read closer and closer to Gaza!), to the city of Netivot.

The city is clean and beautiful and there are thousands of Jews living in Netivot, but like Sderot it is just too quiet.   We make a brief stop near a supermarket, and though it is a Thursday afternoon, a day before Shabbat the huge supermarket is almost empty.  The kosher pizza shop is also almost empty of customers, mostly if people come by, they take a pie and go back home with it.

I understand why this is so when I overhear a shopper comment to a store clerk that it is nice to actually finally see other people.  The store clerk responds with "ad machar baboker" -until tomorrow… Read More »

Thursday Morning August 7 - Chabad-Lubavitch Making a Difference

Thursday morning August 7

Chabad-Lubavitch of Wisconsin....making a difference

Barzilai Hospital is in Ashkelon, in the south of Israel.  Many of the wounded soldiers were taken to Barzilai.  Thank G-d as of today there are only eight wounded soldiers in Barzilai and four are on their way home.  I visited with them today, to thank them for their bravery and brotherly love, and of course to share the Chabad-Lubavitch of Wisconsin message of mitzvos and good deeds undertaken on their behalf.

Benny is a 40 year old "miluimnik" - a reservist and a veteran of earlier wars.  He was wounded 10 days ago but is thank G-d making slow and steady progress.  His mother Michal is overjoyed with… Read More »

Wednesday afternoon - Always somebody's son

Wednesday afternoon, August 6

Always somebody's son

On Shabbos at The Shul the names of the IDF wounded are announced for a Mi Sheberach,  a blessing of healing.  Thank G-d the list grows progressively shorter, as soldiers heal and go back home.

Today some of these names became real people at Hadassah hospital.

Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital is in Jerusalem and this is where I headed for the afternoon, knowing that there were wounded soldiers on the fifth and sixth floors.  On the fifth floor we encountered Chen.

This visit was so incredibly meaningful.  Not just for me, but for Rut as well.  

Rut is Chen's mother.  She is a mother who is filled with love for her children.  Two of whom are in the… Read More »

Wednesday August 6 - Wisconsin features in soldier packs

image (1).jpgEarly this morning I supervised as your resolutions became part of the packs of love sent to the soldiers who are still at the front.  Though it has been quiet for 37 hours, and no rockets have fallen, there are a great number of soldiers there and they will remain there for four weeks at least.  Hundreds of packets were packed for the soldiers this morning.   Each packet consists of a set of clean clothes, some snacks  and a picture drawn by a child. Todays packs also contained copies of the many loving resolutions that were made as a strong voice of support by the many friends and Jewish community members.

image (2).jpgI had made many copies of the resolutions before leaving Milwaukee, and as a result of this these special… Read More »

Tuesday August 5 - Sderot

Tuesday August 5

Leaving Sderot...
I am suddenly struck with a most heartbreaking realization.  Sderot is a ghost town. Well, yes of course it is a city.  There are close to 22,000 people living in Sderot.  But you don't see a soul.  There is no one outdoors.  No chidren, no children in the parks, no children in the gardens. No adults or teens biking, strolling or power walking.  Sure it is a hot summer day, but there is a beautiful breeze and it really is a great day to be outdoors.  But no one is.

When I share this thought with Tzivia, the Rebbetzin with whom I spent the
afternoon, she adds that the children of Sderot are different to all other children.… Read More »

Monday afternoon, August 4

It isn't easy arriving at Ben Gurion in the current climate.  The words, "mi shema'amin lo mefached" one who has faith, does not fear, plays like a loop tape in my head.  Rocket fire near Ben Gurion airport just over a week ago fell close enough to send great countries scurrying for safety by cancelling flights to Tel Aviv.  (The fact that the embargo had been lifted was actually a surprise to the young woman at the Delta ticket counter in Milwaukee when she checked me in, she was surprised I was flying Delta to Tel Aviv..)   and sitting on the run way waiting for another plane to clear the path for our plane,  I understand the phrase sitting duck.

But the atmoshphere in the plane as we pull up to the… Read More »

Monday afternoon, August 4

Monday afternoon, August 4

A dear friend from South Africa has organized a driver to take me from the airport.

It seems everyone wants to do something to show their support for Israel.

Over the sound of the radio playing a program about Tisha B'av which begins tonight, the driver and I are having a conversation about the best way for me to get to Sderot tomorrow.  Sderot is a southern city close to the border of Gaza and its citizens live in a perpetual state of shock and trauma.  It has been the recipient of ceaseless rocket fire, and life for those who live there is one long disruption.  I am nervous about going.

We talk, and the radios drones on until we are suddenly interrupted by a female voice coming in over… Read More »

Sunday afternoon, August 3

Sunday afternoon, August 3, 2014

Greetings to all of you.  I am humbled that you have entrusted me with this opportunity to represent you on a mission of solidarity to our brothers, sisters, sons and daughters in Israel.  

We hear the theme of hashgacha pratis - divine providence discussed over and over again and I want to share the divine providence that has shown itself so far as I start out on this journey.

Finding a reasonable ticket wasn't as easy as we thought it would be from Chicago, and so we searched for and found a ticket from New York, but it would require an airport transfer, from La Guardia to JFK.

The ohel is just four short miles away from Kennedy and so with the providence of time to spare between airports… Read More »

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