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  Hey Kids!

Mini Minion* is this Shabbat, May 18th @ 11:00 - 11:30!
This month at Mini-Minion, we'll learn all about what is in a Shul - did you know, each of the pieces of "furniture" in the Shul has a special name and a special job? Come find out more with our interactive Mini Minion for the whole family!

Text The Shul to let us know your family will be joining us!

Program Includes: 
Shabbat Prayers | Snacks and Prizes | Parsha Stories

Each month, Mini Minions will explore a different topic; everyone will learn something new...babies, preschoolers, early elementary kids...and parents, too!!   

All participants are invited to join Kiddush lunch following Mini Minion.

* The name of the program is a play on the word "minyan," a quorum of 10 men gathered to recite prayers as a group. Our mini-minyan doesn't require 10, just eager families ready for learning and fun. See you at "Mini Minion!" 

Save the Date for future Mini Minions:
June 8