June 15th Game Recap

June 15, 2021 - On yet another stellar night for baseball, your Black Hats played a doubleheader against stout competition: Rollies (formerly Anshai Lebowitz) and Temple of Doom.  Early on this day, it was evident that many regulars would be unavailable.  Through frenetic communication (thanks WhatsApp!), we cobbled together a lineup considerably different than any so far this season.  New players included Rabbi Avremi Schapiro, Levi Shmotkin, Yossi Duboff, and Ross Abrams (more on Ross below).  We certainly hope these players become regular participants.  Another first was the Black Hats initial home run of the season, courtesy of a booming blast from newcomer Seth Brauner.  Seth also scorched a few other screaming liners. 

From out of retirement, David Smulyan made his way back to the pitching mound, providing a break for regular starter Avner (Jake) Lechter who adeptly manned the difficult shortstop position; David displayed pinpoint accuracy and a repertoire of curveballs and offspeed pitches to his customary backstop Joel Altman-Shafer.  Isaak Lerner made his presence felt, getting on base a few times which delighted his wonderful kids.  Rabbi Cheski smashed the ball into smithereens and got on base several times.

Faces in the bleachers included Nathan Bojan (welcome back, Nathan!), Craig Abrams, Sara Abrams, Lisa Glick, and members from the Brauner, Cabrera, and Avner Lechter families. 

For the second part of game 1 and the first part of game 2, your Black Hats were highly competitive; we even outscored the opposition in the final two innings of game 1!  While the friendship and comradery has always been tightly knit, we expect this type of athletic performance to continue as the team gels together.

After the game, a kids’ contest took place; here is a picture of those participants along with some adults:

Today’s Black Hats spotlight shines upon Ross Abrams.  Ross is a recent Nicolet High School graduate (Mazel Tov!) and will be heading to UWM.  Ross excels in many areas including music and robotics.  What was unknown until last night is that he also thrives in softball.  After a brief foray in the infield, Ross played the highly demanding left field position with aplomb and veteran guile well beyond his rookie status.  He made difficult plays look routine and enjoyed himself both in the field and at the plate.  Ross, it was terrific to have you with us and we hope you make Tuesday night softball a regular part of your week!

Next Tuesday, June 22, the Black Hats play at 6PM at Kletzch 1.  Come on out, bring the family, and cheer for your team!