May 25th Game Pictures and Recap

May 25th Game Recap
Written By Joel Altman-Shafer

On May 25, 2021, your Black Hats took the field to play a doubleheader at Kletzsch Park.  On this night, final scores were irrelevant; what mattered is that David Cabrera's family (wife Ilana, sons Levi and Benjamin, and David's inlaws James and Debbie Schwartz) had the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful evening surrounded by a bleacher full of supportive community members and teammates. It was a meaningful evening as Levi (9) and Benjamin (7) Cabrera threw out the ceremonial first pitch in memory of their Daddy, David Cabrera, a beloved member of the Black Hats' team.

The Shul has always done an incredible job of stepping up to provide comfort and this night was certainly no different.  During the games, Levi and Benjamin played catch with friends.  After the games were over, a few of us including Ilana, Aaron and Eitan Arbiture, and David Smulyan took the field to give Levi and Benjamin some batting practice.  From a Black Hats perspective, I wish that both boys were 18 because each stroked some of the cleanest hits seen all night.  What started off as a special evening ended in the best possible way.  

The night was made complete thanks to Mitchell Spector who took some terrific pictures. A collage of his pictures are below. 

David Cabrera was our best player.  He was our star left fielder who anchored our outfield; he effortlessly made difficult running catches and almost always the routine plays.  He also provided critical stability to our batting lineup, often hitting third.  As impactful as David was as a player, he was an even better teammate; always encouraging others.  His wonderful smile and demeanor were ever present; his voice could be heard when the Black Hats made a good play.  David was always a welcome presence for the entire team.

This season, it will be our privilege and honor to wear a special Black Hats tshirt with David Cabrera's name on the front and sponsors Bykhovsky Law/Attorneys at Law, Karp/Iancu Attorneys at Law, and Lerner Consulting names on the back.  David will always be part of our team.  We hope that Ilana, Levi, and Benjamin Cabrera attend as many Black Hats games as possible; nothing would mean more.  So no matter what the score, it will be as team founder Mitch Lechter would like to say, a "perfect season".