Online Torah Learning/Classes During COVID-19
Join us for virtual classes on line throughout the week!

Classes will be held on the Shul's Facebook page and then posted here at the completion of the class.  All the classes are listed below

Monday: Join Rabbi Cheski for an insightful class!

Tuesday: Talmud class with Rabbi Cheski

Wednesday: Tanya With Rabbi Cheski, 30 Second Parsha Recap, A Year of Sacred Moments with Chava

Thursday: Cooking with Chava

Rabbi's Message for Shabbat: Do you miss the rabbi's sermon during this period of social distancing? No need to fret. Rabbi Cheski recorded it for you before Shabbos!

Practical Judaism with Rabbi Avremi 

PLUS:  We will be joining Lubavitch of Wisconsin for an opportunity for the broader community to join together remotely. More information will be shared soon. 


On the Weekly Torah Portion

March 22nd  Simple Pleasures: A Unique Look on Gratification       

Monday Classes with Rabbi Cheski

March 16th  Exploring the laws of Chametz.         
March 23rd  Which flour can you use for Matzah? What qualifies as bitter herbs?

Talmud Classes with Rabbi Cheski

 March 17th  Why do we raise our fingertips to the havdallah candle flame?
 March 24th  Will you be eaten by a lion if you don't listen to the rabbis?

A Year of Sacred Moments with Chava

March 18th  Parshat Vayakhel-Pekudei: How to build and enduring relationship!                
March 25th  Parshat Vayikra: Pushing aside the noise of Coronavirus

Tanya Classes with Rabbi Cheski

March 18th  Tanya Chapter 28: Joy Despite Distractions               
March 25th  Tanya Chapter 29: Cultivating Spiritual Sensitivity

Cooking with Chava

March 19th   Challah Dough with Chava, Fayga and Mushka

Practical Judaism

March 26th  Passover Prep

Rabbi Cheski's Message for Shabbat

March 20th  Physically Distant. Socially Close.
March 27th  Don't Sacrifice. Invest!