Community Friday Night Dinner

Friday, May 17th, 2019

Join us at The Shul Center in Bayside for an unforgettable Shabbaton of inspiration and insight with Scholar In-Residence, Rabbi Simcha Weinstein

  • Friday Night, May 17th @6:30pm - Candlelighting, Services, Traditional Four-course Shabbat Dinner at 7:00pm and program to follow. 

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"Mentsch in Tights: How Jewish History & Culture Shaped the Comic Book Superhero" ...FRIDAY, MAY 17TH

Not only do comic book superheroes Batman and Superman disguise themselves to save the world, but, they also disguise their creators Jewish heritage and values. Since their creation in the 1930's comic books have become a part of our nation's vocabulary, forever changing the way we think about stories, pictures, and what makes a hero.

Unmask the Jewish subtexts of these stories and discover the unique contributions Jews have made to this American art form.


A traditional four-course Shabbat dinner will be served. Full menu coming soon!

Cost Before Sunday, May 12th: $20/Adult; $8/Child 

Cost After Sunday, May 12th: $25/Adult; $10/Child  

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"Shtick Shift: Jewish humor in the 21st Century" ...SHABBOS, MAY 18TH

The once revolutionary, understated “Jew-ish” and “Israel-lite” flavor of Seinfeld has been replaced by a brutal matter-of-factness that would make earlier generation cringe.

Your primer to the ever-changing face of Jewish comedy at the dawn of the 21st century: the new faces, their outrageous routines and their sometimes surprising seriousness about the most (de)pressing issues of our time. This isn’t your zayde’s Jewish comedy. 


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