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March 22, 2018 at 2:30pm

At the CTeen House - 6808 N. Ironwood Ln. in Glendale

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  2 Seder Nights For A Family of 4 
I Will Bring A Food Donation 
Suggested Food Items & Kosher Symbols Below 
All Foods Must Be Kosher For Pesach
   1 Seder Night For A Family of 4 
2 Seder Nights For A Family of 2 

*Matza Meal 
*Gefilte Fish 
*Boxed Soup 
*Apple Sauce 
*Passover Crackers

*Wine/Grape Juice 
*Canned Tuna 
*Canned Vegetable 

   1 Seder Nights For A Family of 2 
  1 Seder Dinner For An Individual 

Click Here For Other Kosher Symbols 
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