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Junior Congregation

Junior Congregation


The Shul’s services are truly a family affair. Each service or program is accompanied by a child-friendly service led by charismatic, caring counselors where children learn, role-play, and soak in the engaging Jewish atmosphere. 

Junior Congregation is a Shabbat Program geared for children to laugh, meet new friends, and explore the wonders of Judaism in an exciting fun way! Children gather for an hour and a half each week to sing and pray together. They learn new Shabbat songs as they sit together and eat our Kids Shabbat Lunch!

Get a chance to learn about our Mentch of the Week, become one, and receive a gift too.

Every Shabbat 10-11:30 AM for ages 3 and up.

For more information, please contact Chava Edelman

   Youth Programs  

There will be special youth programs offered several times each year—details to come!

Please contact Chava for details.

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